Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Joke About Housewife?

A joke about housewife should not be listened by a husband who has no sense of humor. A sort of husbands who know very well about business, but hate to get engaged in parody or movie slapstick discussion.

Don't tell a story about Bulimia to an overweight housewife when she's cooking in the kitchen. WARNING! There should be no joke about it, especially when she's in a bad mood that she gets irritated and might hurl a frying pan at you. Is that too much?

Let housewives tell their own jokes about their husbands' income. Let listen to them when they can't stop laughing at their broke husbands. That's so hilarious that their cry and continue mocking their husbands until their husbands find it out and they look dummy. Then these stupid faces are splashed with the mixture of yolk and butter and honey and chocolate and at that time the family is in big debt, they talk about separation, divorce, loan shark's waiting out there, debt collector's coming and later bb... bwa ... Hahaha ...

Whoops, it's not good joke, housewives! Never mind, go ahead, you can continue cooking.

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