Saturday, May 9, 2015

Is It A Marriage Proposal? What A Joke!

What's so funny? Got bored browsing and want to listen to a joke about marriage proposal? Here it is:

The right guy is here. Be it simple doodle, cartoon style or complicated, neater or colorful, it won't take me long to complete it. And all is original hand drawn work. And I am sure your daughter will be happy to marry me. My proposal is genuine and nothing is the same. When it comes to marriage, there should be unique, right? There's nothing like a joke of a loser who doesn't know what to do to win someone's attention.
joke about marriage proposal, weird!
Don't worry, your daughter will have no mustache 

I am a whiteboard animation artist from Manila, the Philippines who likes drawing. I have been doing so since I was little. I can draw any kinds of style related to this scribing presentation.Unfortunately my first client here cancelled the project soon after he initiated the contract even before I started the whole things.It's really disappointed. And now I'm offering you this marriage proposal in order to show you that I care much about your daughter.

What I can offer you for my 5-star feedback to-be are among other things. You hate to laugh at this funny joke, don't you. It is not funny, it's not a joke!

1. Original hand drawn work, would be more professional and natural, none of the like when you search on YouTube, especially compared to those using software like Sparkol or goanimate

2. Storbyboarding, starting from a sketch, page by page suggestions and followed by outlines and revisions before putting into a frame by frame work. We will discuss about it in detail for a better result. But sir please read my marriage proposal very carefully, because I wrote it the whole night.

3. B/W or few colors added if necessary, RSA style or Ydraw, the latter I believe to be the best in the world

4. Reasonable rate. For a good quality work you don't have to pay me even until more than $150 for a one-minute video

5. Quick turnaround with unlimited revisions. It takes around a week for at least a 3-minute video depending on how many frames it will take. I can say the longest time would be around 10 days.

So far I've won some projects here in Manila which satisfied my clients. Among other things are Transmigration Developing Program, Personal Profile and Insurance Product. Okay, now I think my marriage proposal is done very well, what do you think? Funny or no, please stop farting!

Best regards

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