Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Joke About Lawyer, Anyone?

Joke about lawyer is not to be listened by attorney and judge. It is to be presented to corruptors so that they can laugh out loud before being put to jail. Even in prison they still can enjoy it. The best joke is about how a lawyer can lull a corruptor to sleep by a weird fable about Lion and Mouse before being hung the next day.

Especially if you have problem with law and you need some entertainment to cope with stress, jokes about lawyer are best served before you have breakfast in morning. You can laugh loudly while having your cereal and can even spray a glass of copy to the mirror to create more dramatic moment.

Do you think it's silly? Depends on your mood! If you think there's no fair law in the world, you'd better tell a joke about a lawyer to the judge in court. You tell him or her that if the verdict irritates you, you will keep telling the prosecutors some silly stories about law the whole day.

Sure, joke about lawyer is also best served after lunch and dinner ... Out of prison!
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