Friday, May 1, 2015

Weird Joke About a Man Who knows Everyone?

I would like to tell you about a strange thing, perhaps like a joke about man who knows everyone. The guy doesn't eat meet, but he isn't an Indian nor Balinese. It's not a story of a tricky reason for making cow a god, it sounds extremely illogical to most of the people in the world, but not for the Hindus. The cow is sacred!

Talking about cows, they are almost as polluting as cars. Cows emit methane which is as dangerous as CO2. Keeping cows alive, who produce bulls to run farms is a much greener solution than having cow farms, but no joke about a man who knows everyone here. Nothing like he makes friend with Sanjay Dutt or Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger. So we keep cows in their places far far away from big cities, okay?

joke about man who knows everyoneA lot of people ask me when I do a stunt, 'Jackie, are you scared?' Of course I'm scared. I'm not Superman. Surely, this one is not a joke about a man who is very popular with his Kungfu fighting, He knows everyone who co-star with him during the film making. You know, it's Jacky Chan, And the above quotation belongs to him.

Sure, that's the point: I am not Superman, that's very funny if you think Jacky Chan is Superman who who knows everyone.Why?

  • He cannot fly.
  • He doesn't wear glasses as Clark Kent.
  • He is not afraid of Kryptonite. 
  • He never wears underwear inside out.
So what kind of joke this man is? He knows Edi, Tony, Sarah, Susy, Tina, William, Mr. Tan, Mr. Wong. He is aware that those men might live in Hongkong, Beijing, the USA or somewhere else. Amazing. Jacky chan has been doing this for rest of his life!

So, it's weird, right? Which part to make you laugh? Which is so amusing? Why can we ask about it and there's no more entertainment here? Well, that's it. That's a joke about man who knows everyone! The thing confusing you!

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