Sunday, June 9, 2013

Christina Ricci Joke?

There's no joke of Christina Ricci's drowning in a lake and is been waiting by a flock of bees today. She's not hoping this becomes a good sense of humor for farmers who's expecting harvest this year. We  know as a child, she starred in such movies as "Addams Family Values" before making the transition to darker adult films, including "The Opposite of Sex," "The Ice Storm," "Monster" and "Prozac Nation."

Once she depicted a young woman struggling with depression during her first year at Harvard in her latter film, there's no joke saying that small size is meaning everything for Christina Ricci. It's not about size, it's about health condition. The petite actress could draw from personal experience, having suffered from both anorexia and depression herself. Does this sound funny?

She has a history of eating disorders and if you think it's funny you may compare yours with hers. Which one is more vulnerable to clinical depression, etc. Lol! When you consider a joke of Christina Ricci having depression that will posess the body, it's such a silly thing to laugh about, and if you just ignore the history, you just can deny it;  it's not surprising that actresses develop eating disorders and depression. And that's the true story of hers.

No help of paranormal in dealing with depression. We're not talking about occult or anything related to sorcery. Ricci overcame these problems with the help of a psychiatrist. "These are things you can't always deal with alone, so I went to therapy," she told the Independentin 2008.

She said that along the way, she discovered that you can choose to be happy. "If you choose to let go of your self-consciousness and insecurities about physical appearance, then you'll get to a place where you are present to see the world and enjoy yourself." It's not a joke. It's not Christina Ricci's quote to make you laugh. But, if she said that the opening of Cannes Film Festival, that would be very funny.
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