Friday, May 31, 2013

Bill Clinton Joke?

Bill Clinton foundation job or joke? Which one you need to know most? The funny or the serious one? And thinking about a career, would you like to apply for a position here? They appreciate your interest in employment opportunities with the foundation. They encourage you to review their jobs postings and apply for a specific opening. But they are not accepting you if you have a great sense of humor. Meaning, you are not serious to join the foundation.

Take it easy if you are unemployed now. If you think you won't work "for" someone but only want to work "with" someone as you manage your own business, be like Bill Clinton. He has a foundation, he hires people and he is not telling joke about it. Meaning, build a dream of becoming a great person, starting from your teenaged life. And that's not funny!

America used to be governed by this man and he never promoted something like; "Hey. I am Bill Clinton. I'd like to invite you to work in my foundation. As the US president, he was busy with the country's matters and "a romance" one .. Or two? Three? Just let bygones be bygones, okay?

Sure, you need a job and you must be preparing it now. It's not a joke about you becoming a president first and then you can outdo Bill Clinton and you can establish a company. It's about seriousness.

So what's so funny here? Nothing, There's no joke today like: the foundation open a vacancy of a stand up comedian to amuse Bill Clinton.
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