Saturday, May 4, 2013

Security Guard Joke?

Security Guards Needed By Big Companies! Great! But, correction. Not only by the big ones, but also by small enterprises! They are not to tell you jokes. Indeed business needs conducive situation, therefore safety should be taken into consideration. And those looking for a job for this position must also have conducive personality. Strong mentally and spiritually.

Thousands Of Men Needed To Protect Business. Your job includes fighting against intruders and protecting a sacred spiritual document from theft and threat, not to act silly things so that people think it's a joke. So prepare yourself if you like to be a tough faithful security guard, start practicing and improving your martial art from now on. Go to the gym, have your body well built, unless you lack budget, go to the river and lift the rocks and stones there instead of having a comfortable workout in an air-conditioned room. However, if this sounds silly, skip it.

But, why silly? Think about side effect advantage. -  Read More
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