Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Indians Believe In Cows, Why?

Why do Indians believe in cows? This is a question arousing people's curiosity. The Non Hindu think it is a fool. But it's their tradition, their religion, their ritual, their way of life. What the fuss is about?

As for anybody who never believe in the sacredness, never let your cattle go away. And then it comes back to haunt your life when you least expect it to it. What a weird joke! Indians believe in cows, why should they? This question is similar to why do you believe Jesus is your savior - why should you believe in a God who committed adultery and His lover regarded as scared then gave birth to a baby god? And the baby God is considered the God Himself?

If you feel secure in the knowledge that you are safe, you won't face something like a creature called cow which asks you to believe in it, It never asked the Indians itself. But people will keep questioning, why? It's not about an ancient demon whose light tread shadows yours so silently, so innocently you say, " that's a stupid thing to do."

If you're trapped by your presumption you may feel lost. Hindu priests might try to understand what it means. You don't have to feel like a lie, if, as an Indian, perhaps, occasionally you also ask why should I believe in cows? After so much effort you try to convince yourself that you need to obey your ancestors?

This blog won't give you much homework to do to put something into recovering, into retraining people's brain, It's a no-joke-today blog where if you start on your journey finding the answer to why Indians believe in cows. I'm afraid you can't eat lambs. Talking about this is tough.

If you never think you have the answer, you have to struggle with your own perception, especially if you cannot reach that point of total, That is no joke about why Indians believe in cows.

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