Saturday, January 4, 2014

Obama Is Muslim And So Is Arnold Schwarzenegger

Obama is Muslim, according to anybody who presume he is a Muslim. Arnold is too, according to some comedians whose jokes are not sold well. Obama was baptized into the United Church of Chris, to some this is fake. Atheists might believe he is the Antichrist. According to the Los Angeles Times false rumors saying that Obama was secretly a Muslim started during his campaign for the United States Senate in 2004 and had expanded through viral e-mails by 2006.

Maybe he is a Buddhist or a Hindu or Agnostic or what the hell we care about? And how about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Well he can be terminator, the last man standing or a Catholic. Above all, there's no joke today to tickle your funny bone.

funny obama muslimThis picture might not amuse you. On the contrary it will make keep questioning, "Is Obama a Muslim?" And with Arnold Schwarzenegger.beside him laughing, it shows that the rulers are just doing fine governing their own territory. Later on, you'll see camels there singing an Indian song instead of Arabic traditional music.What a joke!

Too many worrying things on the Internet--what is so called hoax. If both Obama and Arnold convert to Islam, nothing so extraordinary to scare the world, especially those Islam haters. This will only forcefully produce some instant interfaith conflict forums; there'll be getting more and more arguments filled with blasphemy, sarcasm or intimidation.

By the way if you're looking for a joke here, probably you like to see them together giggling chased by a female camel on a desert, what do you think?

Well, no joke today!

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