Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hollywood Jokes?

People really like to have recent Hollywood jokes today? But unfortunately all of the famous people are busy on shooting location. And some others are having a total rest. Vien Diesel sleeps like a log after completing Fast and Furious the last sequel. Robert Downey Jr. sleeps like two logs after the Iron Man starts to get stain in it. How to say it funnier than two logs?

Far away from the United States, a flock of celebrities think about how to appear to be certain classical concepts of beauty that are not inconsistent with many of their modern views, and this discourse is so confusing. If we say it's part of Hollywood jokes, it would seem that they just spent a lot of money travelling to the ancient Egypt just to learn about the concepts of beauty. However, they deserve some exploration besides acting, this is just to support their career, what do you think?

Then the trip to be continued to Victoria, British Columbia. It is located on scenic Vancouver Island, a major Canadian tourist destination attracting millions of visitors each year. The celebrities are not searching sorts of local jokes here in Canada while having fun, you bet. You know British Columbia is also a popular location for the production of many Hollywood films, it is the third largest film center in North America only trailing California and New York.

Next, India!

They are amazed by the massive dance and soon they make a comparable study and survey of Indian movie industry, and the conclusion is: if in the early of 2000 Bollywood began influencing musical films in the Western world, and played a particularly instrumental role in the revival of the American musical film genre, Hollywood can only tell a joke, that it is a sort of challenge, "Can you make The White House singing and dancing and crying in a plaza and make it more popular than Gangnam Style?"

No humor? People really like to tickle their own funny bone while Vin Diesel and Robert Downey Jr. haven't woken up yet.
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