Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Weird Joke About Missing Someone

What are we talking about here? Do you have to listen to music that showcases how you are feeling when you are missing someone? What a joke! You know, music has not always been the fastest way that you feel connected to your spirit, heart and soul when you are in debt. When people get angry with you, because you don't want to pay back their money. What's all about anyway?

a weird joke about missing someone
So you love to go for a walk and listen to music? People keep asking you to have their money back. If you’re really deep in your sadness, you might want to create a playlist of songs that remind you of that other person. It's really a weird joke about missing someone. It's not that you have to remember him or her. It's about when you are in sorrow you need to entertain yourself. You need to yell to the world that you are a strong man to hide your truest feeling.

Be careful don't let yourself be in a weird moment. You're not in a mountain. You're not climbing it. It is not the time to understand that snow caves are another way to shelter high on the mountain. It is not to join those climbers who do not use tents at high altitudes unless the snow conditions do not allow for snow caving, It's not a place when you are in terrible bad mood you are trying to forget him or her when you are missing him or her. Someone won't laugh at all at this joke. Since snow caves are silent and much warmer than tents, you need to yell to the sky and spread it to the world: "I'm totally OK!!!!"

OK, dude, please keep in mind:

  • You're not Robocop, you have heart  without putting helmet anytime.
  • You're not Spider-man, no Marry Jane to beg you to climb a tall building.
  • You're not Ramboo, Asians get bored you killing them softly with silly gestures.
  • We're not talking about other stupid things. We're talking about strength! What?!!!

So assess your mental strength. A lot of mountain climbing is about your mental attitude because you will need to make sound, fast judgments about conditions, directions, and safety. For many mountaineers, the mental challenge is a large part of the allure because you are taken completely out of your usual routine of air-conditioned offices and ... Wait, what're we talking about here? Is it a joke about when you are missing someone or do you want to climb a mountain when in a bad mood?

Weird laugh!

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