Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How Gay Is George Clooney?

Is George Clooney gay?  No jokes today to tell about it. He keeps handsome and attracts attention both men and women. Before we answer this question, better ask more important question. First, which movies of his you like much?  If you like Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin – the forth film in the series begun by Tim Burton, it is said it's the worst Batman movie ever, one of the worst superhero movies ever, and one of the worst movies ever. That’s a lot of worsts.

Now, let's see him there on screen. If you can hear people cheer or scream or applaud in the dark, you still cannot get the answer. It's not India and it's not a funny joke, George Clooney is not playing Inspector Vijay busting criminals in a few minutes. On the other hand, it's hard to believe to have a gay superhero, named Batman who is never shown married in any comic strips you read, right?

Was it a dishonor for him of playing Batman in that film? He seemed like to show this attitude years before. So, what's the answer? can you see another sign of his weird orientation in another movie of his? That's tough.

We assume below is a very good suggestion in order to prove how gay George Clooney is. (If you think he is)

First, pick up your phone. Call and ask him if he would like to act feminine for a few minutes. Ask him to behave like Cinderella in front of the mirror and that way he can see his reflection. If he bursts into laughter, the answer is ambiguous. If he just smiles, it shows an uncertainty, in other words, he might think it's a silly idea--a weird joke. If he yells at you, he is only human.

Second, go to sleep and wish to have a dream meeting him. There, shake his hand and and ask, "Mr. George Clooney I've come across a weird blog telling about whether you're gay or not. That's totally silly."

Whether there is response or no, I told you, no jokes today.
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