Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Has Kate Moss Ever Studied At Law School?

Not sure if Kate Moss has ever gone to a law school and studied about being a lawyer there. Another Kate, maybe. Kate Potlot, for example, she might focus on being an attorney, but how come that day she told me she would like to be a doctor? No matter what he would like to be, if she would like to be a shining star in court she should have more simulation or stimulation, practicing it at home, learning it more intensively by herself if necessary.

I asked her, "what do you need to prepare if you really want to be a lawyer but you ignore law school studies?" She raised an eye brow. "No way, I'm going suggest Kate Moss diet to people." She seemed not like the one fighting enthusiastically on other's behalf in court from his tone of voice. 

Do you hate law school studies? By the way, ever asked that question to toddlers playing around at your ground? Don't ask that to Kate Moss, either. She just doesn't care. One thing for sure if you want to be a great lawyer, but if you don't need guidelines, no thorough learning, means you just waste your time to pursue your career. You bet, no proof, no authentication, no acknowledgment, no a piece of paper called certificate, no success.

Everything must run as it is supposed to be. Research is important. This is for your own good. Law school at is where you have to prove yourself you're capable of certain subject. It's a media for you to make an achievement, right? So, be tough!

No Jokes today, No funny story about Kate Moss being at law school and do the ballet. If you're looking for a good laugh, think about law school studies here.
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