Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lawyer Joke?

No jokes today about lawyers. Only one question, why do many people hate them? And do you? Sure, we won't tell about any humors to amuse you regarding this. A picture is okay, we believe. And your perception. What are you going to do with the man you busted here? Or what is he going to do with you who can do nothing to survive. While you're tying to solve this puzzle, we'd better provide you with any other links to joke about lawyer.

1. Once the most hated man on earth decided to go on a tour to India.Totally stressed due to his inability to win a case and that his client was sent to a mental asylum, he needed a different refreshment. But he couldn't go there, no dance he could make to outdo those Bollywood celebrities. Sounds like a lawyer joke to you? Click here.

2. Have you heard of  Yaz and Yasmin Lawyer. This one sounds serious, no joke at all. But first, if you like to get involved in this and win the case just go to law school first. Anybody who are interested in combining a legal education with advanced training in another field will find exciting opportunities at Harvard. The Law School offers Joint JD/Masters degree programs with Harvard's Business School, School of Public Health, Kennedy School of Government, and Graduate School of Design, as well as a coordinated JD/PhD degree with the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and a joint JD/LLM degree with the Cambridge University Faculty of Law in England.

Sorry no jokes today; I'm too tired to think about unceasing crises in my country and not in a mood to write about lawyer.
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