Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Free Joke? Not Funny!

Free Joke is not funny! How can it be? Because first, you try to make sure of yourself that you are a professional stand-up comedian, whereas you are a taxi driver. You try to amuse your passengers and once you told a silly story about politics and surprisingly your passenger was a failed politician.

Second, you pretend to know well about Arabic. Whereas, you speak a little Arabic to a stranger you just new a few minutes ago and tell him a free joke about life. It's totally not funny as he is not Arabic but Indian!

Third, a free joke is told in a mortuary where the deceased family is in a deep sorrow. Stupid! You're mimicking an Indian and then Arabic face!

So, be careful, if you want to set yourself free from stress and that you need humor, make sure such a joke you tell to yourself is not uttered while crossing the busy street.

Really, really not funny!!!
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