Saturday, May 4, 2013

Funny Joke About India Tour?

Welcome to India tours. No jokes today to tickle your fancy. Here you'll be guided by Bollywood stars whose beauty is said second to goddess. The glitters in Bollywood cinema, which one would you like to accompany you to explore Mumbai. The celebrities will be ready to take you anywhere with a warm smile and friendly guidance.

Introducing Le Sutra. A boutique hotel located in the trendy neighborhood of Union Park, far away from slum areas in Mumbai in case you're afraid your jewelry be snatched. Le Sutra has some borderline cheesy rooms, but it works for visitors who want to see the beauty of India through a large screen TV. No joke, there you'll see Indian celebrities to be with you in an unforgettable tour. They are the stranded angels who will sing around you and dance and shake your body all night long.

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