Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Don't Ask Leonardo DiCaprio About Cholesterol

Don't Ask Leonardo DiCaprio About Cholesterol. If he were a doctor, he might want to talk further about it. Cholesterol is a substance containing a lot of fat that is found in the body tissue and blood of animals, and which is thought to be part of the cause of heart disease if there's too much of it.

Not only Leonardo, now, you know what kind of thing you deal with. It's not a minor problem for those who just take everything easy. High bad cholesterol can kill you sooner or later as you keep eating some risky foods, especially if you prefer to be a sea-food snob. Does this statement too much? Not really, diet is a must! Consider that! So how to get rid of it? Don't ask Leonardo. Mr. Leonardo would prefer talk about movie, I guess.

However, we're not talking about what a suitable diet to cope with this problem. It's about how to stop being ignorant, especially for those who never think of how dangerous high bad cholesterol is. Those who are ill-informed about such a matter. And talking about our Leonardo. He hasn't come back from a sea restaurant. Anyone knows about him? No, he is not Mr. DiCaprio.

Is he in the hospital now? Surely we should not care if Leonardo care about how to get rid of cholesterol or not. Is the statement fair? It's a nightmare if it befalls when you're not ready. So, skip sea food, instead about the restaurant selling it. What?! Forget this joke. Leonardo recommend you to read the further related story here

Rewritten from About Leonardo by the same author
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