Saturday, May 4, 2013

Is It A Joke About Erin Burnett And CNN?

Is it a joke? Erin Burnett is on CNN with an invisible stranger but nobody knows about it! Funny? But keep it off the record, will you? Because this is not too important for public to know about. The fact is that the man hasn't met her. It's only a sort of illusion. The man wishes to be invisible so that he could sneak into the studio and introduced himself to her.

If you think it's just a joke, he just cannot do it.

First, it takes a long journey to pay a visit to America, besides he hasn't got enough money for the travel. Off course, it's not polite if he asks CNN or Erin Burnett to send him money, instead, so that he can fly to the USA and see her. It's weird to be called a joke. And you know, nobody thinks that is funny with him thinking of the way of going there over and over again. He's really obsessed.

Second, he must work and cannnot leave his tied-up job. If he asks a permission to his office, the company won't give it. Yes, it will, but not for longer absenses. That will "screw things up". Weird?

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