Monday, November 17, 2014

Attention Please: Chicago Needs Voice Over!

Chicago Needs Voice Over, Are You Interested? 

The announcement above is applied to anybody whose English is their mother tongue. Chicago needs voice over, which does not include those coming from Indonesia or India. But probably, there are opportunities there for the latter. Don’t you think it’s funny to find the fact how Indonesians or Indians speak English with their local dialect, Indonesians with Javanese or Bataknese and Indians with Tamil or Urdu?

Talking about languages in the world, we might find unique articulations of what is so-called tongue twisters. When you sell seashells by the seashore and convincingly pronounce it well over and over again, it doesn’t automatically make you be the one wanted as voice talent In Chicago. Or when someone gave you the black eye and you say I’m not the guy to give guy the black eye, it’s silly that you soon force an audio producer to put you to their studio.

chicago voice over
Do I look like the one to hope for a voice over job in Chicago or a criminal?
Just sing and dance and enjoy life out of routine and if you also want to make money by selling your skill, you might look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Can people accept my voice as excellent?” Not only Chicago that needs voice over, but also some other countries all over the world when it comes the demand of it, they need people with such expertise.

So please don’t do such stupid thing in Chicago:

1. You dance in city hall alone and your song is about your dream of becoming a voice talent there
2. You keep begging people to tell you that you have a golden tone.
3. You cry because people think you’re out of your mind

By the way, how well do you know about Chicago? Don’t you think it’s a deadly destination? Not the right city to promote voice overs? Is it true that people attempt to expose the reputation of it as a welcoming country, claiming a boom in tourism since the 1960s that has created a hatred of foreigners and a ‘murderous indifference’ to the millions of tourists who flock to the country’s white-sand beaches, picturesque countryside and thriving nightlife each year?

What!? Are we talking about Thailand here?

One thing for sure don’t mess up everything. Instead of an achievement getting a voice over jobs as what you desire you get involved in criminal acts there. The information comes from the Chicago Police Department includes where and when each crime occurred, the case number, which primary and secondary "type" each crime occur because of your failure to make your dream come true?

It’s really good to see Tom and Jerry is replaced by you and the police, don’t you think it’s a bad luck?

No joke today about a silly voice talent caught red handed, it’s all about Chicago which needs voice over and if you’re ready to fly there and you have no money, it’s not really a dull joke.

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