Sunday, June 23, 2013

James Bond Weird Joke?

James Bond cannot tell a weird joke to you, because he's busy all the time clearing up his flamboyant status and making people believe he is not a womanizer. If you're wondering what his childhood like, you might find something funny there.

During his childhood, Bond was constantly worried about his mother's suicide attempts. Once the family went on a vacation on a beach, and his mother tried to drown herself, but James Bond rescued her. Does his early heroic action sound a funny joke to you? To tell the truth, the true story above doesn't belong to him. It's Michael Landon's.


If you guys ever watched any movies about this good-looking British agent there's no joke to tell about his marriage life. The fact is, James Bond once married a Javanese girl named Sutiyem who was a restaurateur. Soon after their son's birth, she divorced him as Bond became gluttonous and forced her to support him money to continued his education at the University of Hawaii.

james bond jokeSutiyem took the infant to Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, where she took culinary classes at the University of Piring Terbang from September 1961 to June 1962. James Bond once contacted her telling her that he was rising to stardom as a British agent actor. But Sutiyem thought that's not a funny joke.

She and her son moved to Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia and lost contact with him. When later on, his son, the grown-up Tugimin convinces her of his father's populary as a British secret agent actor, Sutiyem tries to believe it. And one night She calls James Bond. You know what she says before hanging up?

"Stop this dull joke!"
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