Monday, June 24, 2013

Nelson Mandela Weird Joke?

Is it a Nelson Mandela weird Joke? Sure it is. It is said that he built Mumbai, the city for Bollywood celebrities and he would make it as dark as Africa. That's really not funny!

While Mumbai Metropolis has a historic tradition of strong civic activism dedicated to the cause of a better life for all its citizens, Nelson Mandela would create a green preservation just in the middle of the city. He would let all animals to survive there and to tell joke to one another in their own language.

He would make Mumbai like Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, which is one of the world's top tourist destination cities. If MasterCard ranked Bangkok as the global top destination city by international visitor arrivals, Nelson Mandela would make Mumbai more than that. Not only MasterCard, but also Visa and some other outstanding credit cards would be there to support him.

Who created this joke? Mumbai and Bangkok, they don't have something to do with Nelson Mandela. Africa is more suitable and historical for him. MasterCard or Visa should not a dull spoof. Bollywood celebrities can only sing and keep singing, and where's Mandela now ...?

Dancing with Elephants, giraffes and monkeys there, Inspector Vijay?

Weird joke!
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