Thursday, June 20, 2013

Joke Of Zombie, Your Father-In-Law Is Cannibal!

No joke today, but have you heard of zombie apocalypse? After the onslaught of space aliens to your father-in-law's house along with killer spiders and lice of iron and steel, you just can't laugh hard enough, because he has survived but your fights with your father-in-law's daughter keep going on.

Your father-in-law doesn't need medicine in spite of being stung and "murdered" hundred times. Sure, it's like World War to you rather than feel it like a funny joke of zombie. He is more than a man in a blockbuster movie, but the enemy is still threatening.

Nothing so funny, parents-in-law in developing countries feel guilty much often, especially those of the voracious one who live with their son in-law. You may say it's a funny joke it they turn to be flesh-eating humanity. Half man, half zombie.

It's seriously scary drama in a family when parents in-law turn to be undead cannibals, horribly slow-moving and lugubrious. Still thinking this is funny? Zombies possess your father-in-law and with his wife they play hide and seek in a cemetery.

Faster, run faster! When they move towards you like a mass of rabid jack rabbits and show their teeth which are like piranhas—but stop laughing! This kind of zombie joke might be not suitable for any sons-in-law living in a modern country. For the fathers, well ... This is also weird. I told you, nothing so funny to be told today.
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