Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kate Moss, Diamond and Face Lift

Kate Moss, Diamond and Face Lift. Another Kate Moss Joke? Maybe. Okay, now you see how she's successfully lost weight. She's as skinny as a golf stick, right? Whoops! That's absolutely not funny!

It's all done very well. We only wait for a diamond to beautify her. The jewelry is sending to her house now but there's a bit problem with the transport. How come? It's long holidays, nobody work this season. But, what event, what occasion? There's no reason that delivery agents should let their employees go on holidays for long, right? Unfortunately here it comes the pandemic, people like to have a face lit like Kate Moss'. Probably this virus spread by a lost alien who was stranded in the North Pole. The powder had been dropped in Hawaii and the USA. And now offices and factories are abandoned!

kate moss face liftPeople faces suddenly become ugly and they really hesitate to go to work with it. Anytime these people look into the mirror, they see as if the mirror keeps asking question, "you want to know who's the prettiest person on earth? First get your diet. Be as skinny as Kate Moss and get your diamond. It is recommended you have your face lifted! What?!!!

The whole cities in the USA are frightened if the whole citizens will follow Michael Jackson to beautify their faces. But that doesn't bother Kate Moss. The uber model with the amazing beachy hair, has been waiting for a diamond signed by the prominent gem authorities.It's not Beauty Director Sophie Beresiner as one of them and not the one who recommends people to have a face lift following the model's trend.

It's really weird, not only to expect the happy ending of this story, but to stick to this article for long. Knock it off, get your real diamonds here before they're stolen. Forget about Kate Moss face lift joke!

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