Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jude Law, Nanny And Scandal

No joke today. It's not about Jude Law reportedly blamed fiancée Sienna Miller for his affair with his children's former nanny.  It's not about the allegation that he seduced 26-year-old Daisy Wright while he was filming war movie All The King's Men earlier a few years ago. It's history.It's about scandal of which to religious people is a sin.

Children should focus on their study. There's a lot of home work to do and parents should not let them find such news on the Internet about Wright saying, "It was mind-blowing rampant sex. He is a great lover and he knows how to satisfy a woman." She's didn't mean it as a joke and Jude Law was not laughing at this, either.The British nanny insists she enjoyed the affair but the scandal is really bad stories for elementary students to read, expecially when they're having exam the next day.

Not funny, Law received a phone call from Miller after the devastating reports--it's not about how you should help children with their homework, how to remove the word scandal from the text books and how to respect nanny as person who babysit your toddler not as mistress. Really, it's not a joke that instead of begging for forgiveness, Law slammed the 23-year-old for driving him into the arms of Wright.

It's not about how you can be cast also in movie with a movie star you adore, either. It's about dismissal from the job she loved and turned down his advances. The nanny broke down, the scandal's fading away and Jude Law writes no joke of his life to tell to public. It's an affair and anybody can get trapped in their passion if they cannot refrain from desire.

So should we fast in Ramadan month? Disjointed? I told you: no joke today!
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