Saturday, June 1, 2013

Morgan Freeman and God Joke

What kind of Morgan Freeman and God Joke do you want to listen to? Okay, let's get to the point. Once upon a time, Bruce Almighty felt like wanting to be a tour guide in Cuba. He promoted one package in a city all in New York: "Our small group tours of Cuba offer great value for money and are ideal for the discerning traveller who wants to have a more authentic experience of Cuba's unique culture and society." It took Jim Carrey to learn about the brochure given and planned to join in a tour.

However, these Cuba tours are designed for those who want to experience the 'real Cuba' and not for the one to have an experience of becoming God, don't let Morgan Freeman never know this. He might think this is only a dull joke. The story goes on: He's looking for Bruce Almighty to borrow a book about non spiritual things. But it's a different dimension that they coulnd't see each other as Bruce was mediating and only said in his "dream", "Would you like to join in a tour with us?

That night Jim Carrey was upset. The phone kept ringing at home asking about the lost God, and the silly thing was that the caller kept asking about whether Morgan Freeman was hiding Him in the refrigerator. "Very funny joke!"

Bruce Almighty also made a call just to confirm whether Jim Carrey took the package or not. However, this was the last to make him very very sleepy. "Hey Jim," he said, In Cuba you might not find rivers, waterfalls, seas or lakes.You know what, this is the uniquness of the spiritual book that I've had here. Wanna listen?" Bruce continued, "blah, blah, blah ...

The phone was hung up before he could end it by, "Rivers, waterfalls, seas or lakes have been auctioned by God!

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