Sunday, June 9, 2013

Womanizer Joke?

Womanizers feel lonely and have to be frozen in the North Pole! If you disagree with it, so there's no joke today about them. Don't ask Actor-screenwriter-director Warren Beatty about this; not only he gives no comment, but also gives no wink. Is he one of the notorious one getting more and more relationship with women?

Madonna, Diane Keaton, Julie Christie and apparently many, many more won't regard the above mentioned as a womanizer joke. They've been beauty collections in Warren Beatty's romance notes and won't be "frozen" now.

If you happen to come across the news that actor Charlie Sheen was last seen in the North Pole alone and frozen, it's not based on a hallucination everyone might have. It is believed he has slept with more than two and a half men's worth of women so far. No jokes today? He's second on Maxim's "10 Living Sex Legends" list, at having purportedly been with over 5,000 women. What a womanizer!

So the lists need to be frozen in the North Pole are standing in line now: Jack Nicholson, Kevin Connolly, Ryan Phillippe, Jude Law, Josh Hartnett, Stephen Dorff. Gerard Butler, George Clooney and Wilder Valerram. Surely, no jokes here to tell about these womanizers would publicly make statement about beautiful stories with any girls they have slept with.

Now, back to the idea of being frozen in the North Pole, what seems to be funny? Not sure if these womanizers feel too hot with their passions. It's not enough even a huge refrigerator to put down the fire.

Sorry, no joke today.

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