Sunday, March 8, 2015

Business By Phone, How To Conduct It While You're Mobile?

No jokes today, business by phone, this is what I do as a side job. As an English teacher, I have been doing this for a couple of months and everything is just fine. What makes you happy by this is that you don't have to go out of home, get trapped in traffic jams or cramped on the commuter train.

You may try what I've been doing if you like, best recommendation for English teacher teaching in non native English speaking country. It is a promising business, unless you think otherwise. What's in your mind, phone rate is expensive? I don't know the rate in different countries, but in Indonesia there are many phone providers offer cheaper mobile rate which enables you to talk longer for so many phone calls.

I use Telkomsel. It has Talk Mania program which can be used daily or weekly for very reasonable price that you can top up periodically as well, but I don't have to call my students; they have to call me by agreement. It's really comfortable making money this way, don't you think? Business by phone can also be done for other purposes as long as you are sure you get benefit from it. Here I am just to share my experience and give you some tips which hopefully will be useful for you, inspired from teaching English on the line.

Just keep in mind with smart phone like Blackberry or Android you can be your own boss leading your company anywhere you are and it's all up to you how to conduct business with this system.

How to?

1. Decide what product you think people need crazily
Do a research or survey before conducting your business. You can also browse on the Internet by your smart phone, right? Once you've got it, start to manage your business as professionally as you can. It will include how to make a fast delivery if there are items need to be sent, etc.

2. Develop your market, be social
In my country BBM (Blackberry Messanger) is still the best when it comes to online social activities. Even the people who don't have one still can use it. Business can be conducted through Android phone, which enables anybody to get BBM from the playstore for free. You can use other media like Whatsup, Line, Facebook, whatever. Get as many contacts as you can and start your campaign

3. Create a website or blog (optional or highly recommended?)
Your business needs a virtual address, people reaching you by phone need to be referred to your "company". Your url will be useful and therefore write the points of why people need your product badly. Okay, there are a great deal of competitors today, how to cope with it? Think of something unique, that's the solution. Give discount, free trial etc. If your business stands alone there and look outstanding you'll get faithful costumers later on one thing for sure.

4. SEO your blog and/or optimize your status on social media
Online business needs SEO, people will come to your site through your targetted keyword(s) appearing on the first page of Google. They won't phone you directly unless they are convinced. So you need also to optimize your product through your status on social media. But remember do not promote very frequently, people get sick of it. Better give valuable tips or lesson why people should use your product and promote it occasionally.

5. Voice Note sells well
Words are okay, but voice sells better. This is my experience when I try to convince my student to-be of how effective and efficient it is to learn English by phone. They need prove and the more you speak sounding like native speakers of English, the more they get attracted to it. Business will be great with you also tell the benefit in short sentences and give your consumer a free trial.

6. Guarantee and Testimony
Business needs assurance and by putting down the positive words or pictures of your previous customers using your product, you'll get more and more people buying your product. You also need to make sure of your market that you won't let them down by giving a guarantee. Based on my experience even without testimonials, if you are good and can prove you're good by voice note or phone back, you can get a new client transferring the money by a matter of minutes.

7. Keep in touch with your costumer
Provide a little time sending SMS or BBM message to congratulate your current costumers, including those with no deal on a birthday party, wedding anniversary and so on. Don't have to phone them for fear they might be in a meeting, sick or in a bad mood. This way will keep up business. One can even change his mind with our sincere attention and become a new costumer.

Well, that's all that I've been doing to succeed my business by phone and hopefully you'll get inspired. Good luck.

Shared with you by Muhammad Nurman

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