Sunday, November 16, 2014

Quit Smoking Naturally, Can You?

When you decide to quit smoking naturally, think about burning down your habit.

It is all up to you whether you like to keep on living as you wish or quit smoking naturally. To some, no matter how long you smoke, you won’t be aging desperately. Sickness can befall anybody regardless of what is so-called bad habit. So just lead a life with your own option. If you believe man aging 100 years still have properly health condition no matter how much he smokes, better skip this post, but if you think the other way, just think of something valuable in life to do—no harm to yourself and people surrounding you. Now or never!

quit smoking naturallyIt’s all about whether you really want to change or you just enjoy your stubbornness. Nobody can force you to do something that’s already ingrained in skin. As for me, experience is the best teacher, even if I just could not stop smoking naturally but I had to; it’s all ended in a hospital with me suffering Typhoid and my skinny body wouldn’t support my chest to stand up like a boxer. So you might need something to scare you like bucks fighting against Mike Tyson in a ring. Is it the right analogy? Or you might make up a challenging story to support your wish to stop being a smoker.

If there’s nothing to scare you, imagine you have a fancy house and you decide to live there the rest of your life. No one can burn your dream, but it’s only you with a bar of cigarette burning your house down. How could do it? Because you find no way out of how to quit smoking naturally. You enjoy watching the flame dancing like Gangnam Style and you hate crying out in the middle of the night.

Probably you will keep smoking if

1. Cigarette like lover to you. It takes your involvement in a romance of Romeo and Juliette you never start a campaign of how to naturally quit smoke

2. Smoke like a rhythm of music like when you listen to Scorpion’s Rock song: When the Smoke is Going Down

3. Disease is in chapter 4500 in your priority of life and reading is not your hobby

4. You really think of masculinity having packs of cigarette filling your day anywhere you are

Now just keep in mind, all the things you like to do will bring about what consequence. If lung problem, for instance, doesn’t seem to be the matter, you might be a very confident man not necessarily shout at public to tell them what you really are. Okay, ladies and especially gentlemen, you can decide anytime you want, which is best for you to do; do something naturally to force yourself quit smoking or you fancy hospitalized scene. If you think this is just too much.

There’s no joke today related to the fact concerning your health. But if you think this post is funny you can try a good laugh in the crowd of people with you smoking comfortably. I think the best way of quit smoke is that you start to smoke your non-cigarette bar.

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