Friday, May 31, 2013

David Beckham Joke?

Is it one of David Beckham jokes? What kind? How funny? People have already gone to sleep; only a few staying awake to be amazed by various TV shows. It's midnight and a flock of owls are dreaming of playing soccer and making a goal. They wink on and off in the winter.

The retirement was announced this May and nobody can force David Beckham to go back to the green field, not to tell jokes, but to run and kick the ball and to wait for the cheer of the fans after a beautiful goal. Indeed, soccer is a magnet for the maniacs who mostly cannot play it well but good at yelling at the players. If you think it's funny, you just wake up from your nice sleep.

It's no more 12 o'clock in the middle of the night and the children raided the fridge for a midnight feast, and they cannot stop laughing as David Beckham's left shoe is in there. Very funny. Whose put this joke to everyone's dream?

An owl keeps asking himself, about the definition of owl,"Am I a kind of bird with a flat face, large eyes, and strong curved nails, which hunts small mammals at night? The rest squatting from a distance, just ignore him. But a pair one nearby asks his partner, "Does David Beckham need to know about? It's not a joke and it is not funny, either."

Not sure if you like me to continue this weird dream. It's just ... No jokes today ... And tonight.
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