Saturday, October 19, 2013

Why Get Divorced In California | No Joke In This Weird Animation

Joke about divorce? Nothing that you can find here. It's just a weird animation.You just can't go to California to end your marriage. First, it's expensive and second that's a silly thing to do. Just think about the nostalgia there, if you can imagine your sweetest moment with your lover when exploring the desert with him or her as if you were visiting heaven.

It's so sad to let children down. But it's horrible to keep on living with monster when it comes to your extreme thought about your spouse. Is it a joke for you to copy? I mean, animation is a great media to promote your idea, be it spoof or product review. Forget about divorce, forget about California except its "chickens" which are scattered at many malls all around the world.

Only if you wish to succeed your business campaign, just create a storyboard, prepare the voice over and go to California. No lawyers are on vacation, except Yasmin laywers. Whoops! Life is not a weird animation. I hope everyone of us can maintain our marriage life, right? What do you think about it: No divorce at all, because you succeed your business and your partner is pleased with it. What you need to do is hire an artist to create a video scribing like this, which was drawn without hand. Without hand? Check it out!

The conclusion: If you think you still can keep your marriage life even in the worst condition, maybe someday you should go to California, not to get divorce, off course, but to find an idea how to promote business using a video animation. Does this sound a weird joke? Whatever ...
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