Sunday, October 13, 2013

God Animation To Tell You Joke?

If God can be animated, you must forget something. That is a joke about creature and creator. Okay, as a credible artist you can turn something from static to dynamic, from quietness to noise or even explosion. There's something in brain you haven't maximized yet. You must use it! and that's not funny!

An animator is god to his work. You see, it's totally different. His "creatures" are of the different quality from him. So to your creatures, as a creature you are beyond compare. They cannot imagine you, not even depict you by all means. Now, get real--no jokes, how can you animate God when you think He is the most powerful, beyond compare and totally different from you.

However, we're not talking about, "hey, let's convert to a religion with the most perfect God compared to others." Let' s use our brain to question why should be there God animation? How can we mock the One we most depend upon. Are we irritating Him? Or we just don't care. The importance of reflecting or thinking will give us back to the right path searching for the truth in life, right? What do you think?

Now, let's not laugh in terms of offence. Jokes haven't been wrapped up and disposed somewhere. The heavens won't react even though the Supreme Being there gets annoyed by your God animation video. It's not because He doesn't care, but this even shows how Most Merciful and Beneficent He is. A little smile for this whiteboard video is okay, I hope.

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