Saturday, January 4, 2014

Find A School Of Nutrition And Get Fat

It is not a School Of Nutrition For You To Learn Making Joke. It's a place for you to get fat. All in all, you need to consider your own healthiness. If you think you are too tired of making money, remember, one day you will need something to survive. And it is easy to guess: your life.

Your healthiness is important. Therefore you just can't let yourself suffer from any sickness caused by bad thought and fake mindset. When it comes to sanitized food, you need to make sure of it's secured origin. What does it mean? You don't have to go to nutrition school to learn further about it. Only if you want to be a nutritionist, it's highly recommended. You bet! Have you heard of what so called wrong nutrition? It's too bad to find the fact that, not only homeless people cannot distinguish between right or wrong when it comes to food, but also intellectual ones. What's wrong with scientists today?
school nutrition

On another post of this weird blog, you'll find a notice: At this school , we're not going to tell you joke.We sometimes invite celebrities like Brad Pitt to teach you how to make bread well. Sure, it's not a funny joke. Not either: if you are interested in the cooking class, you can win a house in New Orlando! Sure, what I'm going to tell you: this nutrition school is for you to study when you regard yourself as skinny and lack of nutrition.

The requirements needed

1. You are as skinny as skeleton
2. You are as poor as the homeless
3. You cannot even tell joke about nutrition due to your miserable condition
4. If you cannot afford the school fee, don't worry, just say, there's no joke today.

Welcome to No Jokes Today, your best school is nature!

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