Tuesday, November 5, 2013

3 Recommendations: How To Make Bread With Brad Pitt

No jokes today if you ask about how to make bread with Brad Pitt.

He might recommend you to:

1. Read the script when you're preparing your saucepan
2. Pronounce some slang loudly if you're a shy guy even if your mom asks you to fry garlic today.
3. See your alter ego in the mirror when you have spoiled the kitchen and you look dummy by that.

Everything is getting expensive today. So many countries stay in crisis. No joke! Thinking about efficiencies are better than burning your mother's kitchen. If you want to know how to make bread don't ask Brad Pitt for the recipe. You're recommended to

1. Sleep if you're sleepy
2. Eat if you're hungry
3. Smile if you hesitate to laugh out loud on reading this post.

Do you agree that there's no joke today, Mr. Bread? Ask Mr. Pitt that brad is so yummy.

Some other 3 recommendations about how you can make bread easily without worrying making wrong spelling is, first you should know that it contains right or wrong nutrition. Second don't eat it in a golf course when it's well done, third skip this post and just cook.

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