Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Apartment For Sale! Bali or California?

Where to find cheap apartment for sale? No jokes today. It depends on where you want to stay, right? If you live in California, why should buy the one built in Bali? That's totally not funny. Or thinking about a cozy environment like Disney World? Check it out here.

There's a joke about James Bond on one of this blog posts that he marries an Indonesian girl, but they don't live in Bali. No skyscrapers there, this might be one of the reason so. Where to find cheap bungalow there is more recommended then looking for apartment for sale. If you live in California, you might look for one located there, that's all.

And, there's no jokes about why James Bond having to find a genie to move a lavishly tall apartment in California to Bali. Thinking about it when you are in big debt will make you banana, don't you think? Maybe, I'll write about it someday. By the way, you're family is okay, right? Don't follow a family to do the DIY divorce in the desert, that's not funny at all.

Okay, since there's no skyscrapers in Bali to outdo the once tallest building on earth--WTC, good news is that the cheapest bungalow there is for sale. But unfortunately, it's already sold. But you're not looking for the one being abandoned in a slum area, right?

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