Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3 Reasons Why American Idol Upsets Its Winners

American Idol winners scatter on the Internet. One is Candice Rickelle Glover. She is an American singer who won the twelfth season of American Idol. Glover is the latest winner who is proud of her achievement and looking forward to more following success--no jokes!

Born November 22, 1989--the same birthday as Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy, Candice won't follow the blogger to tickle your fancy by singing spoof songs. Lol. She won't even be bothered by the question: does American Idol really upset it winners? The fourth African-American winner in American Idol history and the only winner to have auditioned three times before being cast for the live shows, has Music Speaks as her debut album.

Glover says she wants to be a counselor to help girls through what she went through as a teenager. There's no news or joke about her getting upset by.American Idol unfair judgement. About her helping girls, some teenagers have their own different thought.

One living in New Delhi says: "Will Candice Rickelle Glover perform in a Bollywood movie with
Shahrukh Khan? But I don't think that will bring tear to Indian massive audience as she needs to learn how to dance an Indian way and how to perform melancholic.Or has she good joke to perform in Hindi?"

Another one living in Indonesia says: "If Candice Rickelle Glover can sing dangdut, that will be a plus. Whenever she comes to Indonesia, we will find things turn to be more innovative. The entertainment will be full of joy and that'll be comical.

Anyway back to the question: Why American Idol upsets its winners? Probably

1. One saying this doesn't really like modern entertainment, he or she prefers Ballet or Kungfu.
2. The United States has many idols, life goes on and keeps up with dynamism here. A contest called American Idol is not a standup comedy which is full of joke, it won't keep its winners there for good. It's a music industry, on the one hand business needs profit and on the other hand people get bored easily and need newer and newer faces to entertain them.
3. The American Idol winners can't cope with stress if they are obsessed by a decision, "hey, you should be number one for the rest of their life!"

Have something to say? Sorry, no jokes today, the audition is close. It's midnight!

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